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Cormega - Redemption f. az




It's that shit right here

It's that big boy music!


Thinkin of a masterplan me and my man

hand to hand on the grind since a half a gram

Understand even then you couldn't pass me hand

was on the land all geared up and Dapper Dan

Around the year of them classic jams

I done seen niggaz get bitch slapped and ran

Word to yam a few got rich and swam

while I was sunk with they G packs trying to pump

It's over, no closure cars gave niggaz exposure

I was carried by Allah on his shoulders

Sober my first AR in the hood

Would of stuck a muhfucker and bring his truck if I could

Understood I was strong headed

But them streets and them guns gave me the wrong fetish

Cool whatever, I'm here we can do whatever

from the cars to clothes to the jewels whatever

Why worry? I'll rest when I'm dead and buried

so for now I'ma dress, get head and be merry


[Hook 2x]

My minds still in the grind you wouldn't understand

It's been a long time since we was going hand to hand

When the block was too hot we had the look out man

Playing the corners to warn us soon as he saw the blue van

Plans to conquer the street

branded in my head like the mark of the beast

My knowledge so ominous I plot in my sleep

when I eat my niggaz eat

We take the bitter with the sweet

If I die few'll cry, less'll do a bid with me

Once intrigued with money and fast cars

stubbornly I sold crack to my mans moms

Suddenly it troubles me so I asked God

forgiveness for pasts wrongs and future sins

Presently the coop I'm in

View as heavenly as the roof of ?Sens?

Like Vince Carter I'm too intense

for dudes defense to stop me I abuse the rim

Anybody can ball I do it to win

Son it's +Doe or Die+, all that other shit aside

Any sign of betrayal my nine'll improvise

I spit the sickest rhymes

Daydream of getting mines

Fuck scales and just as I ?tri-beamed to digitize?

Pure white perrico I cooked over a greasy stove

From Brooklyn to Queens to O-T

with keys I sold in a V

So cold when I hit the street many people froze

My team deaded the block till it decomposed

And was under our complete control to each his own

I don't sleep on niggaz in the street no mo

Cause when shit hit the fan even Nino told

[Hook 2x]




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