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Coverdal&page - Feeling hot




Hey, gypsy woman, roll your dice for me, read my Tarot cards, so I can see

I'm razor sharp, cool sunglasses, pocketful of backstage passes

Lady Luck, roll your dice for me


The boys are feeling hot, tonight, fingers crossed, they get it right

Women to the left, women to the right, the boys are feeling hot tonight

I ain't too proud to beg for what you got

You'd melt a heart of ice, babe, you're so hot

So pump it up, raise the dead, squeeze it, honey, 'til it's cherry red

I ain't too proud to beg for what you got


Feeling hot, feeling hot, feeling hot, feeling hot, hot, hot, hot

Feeling hot

Now I just wanna make sweet love to you, I'll do anything you want me to

So rip it up, slip an' slide, 'scuse me if my tongue gets tired

An' I will make some sweet love to you

(chorus) - hot, hot, hot

Look out baby!

The boys are feeling hot, tonight, the boys are feeling hot, tonight

The boys are feeling hot, tonight

Rip it up, baby




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