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Cynthia & johnny o - Dreamboydreamgirl



I still remember the first time you said that you loved me

You held me in your arms and said you'd never ever leave me

(you'd never ever leave)

And all these promises you've kept

I've rephrased the past when I once wept

You've made my fantasys come true

My heart belongs to you

Youre my dreamboy

You show me you're lov in every way

You're faithful to me everyday

Now I know that dreams come true

You're my dreamboy

Johnny O

My friends told me that I was lucky to have a girl like you

Cause all the girls I ever had

Their love was never true

(Their love was never true)

But, you have brought me happiness

I will treasure the day when we first met a ya

Never ever gonna let you go

Because I love you so

You don't neglect me in any way

You make me feel special everyday

Now I know that dreams come true


You're my dreamboy you came and filled my heart with joy

And I can smile again

Cause I found a love that will never end

Johnny O

You said that I'm your dreamboy that I fill your heart with joy

Well your my dreamgirl

You're all I want in this world

You give me the love I need

I know that we were meant to be

Talk to me..Talk to me..Talk to me


When you hold me in your arms

I feel so safe and warm

When you look into my eyes

You have me hypnotized

You give me all your love

You're all I'm thinking of

You've made my dreams come true

My heart belongs to you

You're my dreamboy

Johnny O

You're my dreamgirl




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