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Dave Matthews Band - Dancing nancies



could i have been

a parking lot attendant

could i have been

a millionaire in bel air

could i have been

lost somewhere in paris

could i have been

your little brother

could i have been anyone other than me

could i have been oh, anyone other than me

could i have been anyone

he stands touch his hair his shoes untied

tongue gaping stare

could i have been a magnet for money

could i have been anyone other than me

twenty three

i'm so tired of life

such a shame to throw it all away

the images grow darker still

could i have been anyone other then me?

then i

look up at the sky

my mouth is open wide, like and taste

what's the use in worrying, what's the use in hurrying

turn turn we almost become dizzy

i am who i am who i am well who am i

requesting some enlightenment

could i have been anyone other than me?

and then i'll

sing and dance and i'll play for you tonight

the thrill of it all

dark clouds may hang on me sometimes

but i'll work it out

and then i

falling out of a world of lies

could i have been dancing nancy

dancing nancy

could i have been anyone other than me?




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