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De Heideroosjes - Break the public peace



We've got to break the public peace

Force those suckers down to their knees

We've got to make them show

That suit and tie guy can't play with us, oh no

We've got to stick together as one

Our fight ain't over, it has just begun

We've got to break the public peace

To save the ones we love, the kids, the trees

So tell your mommy you won't be home for dinner

And tell your daddy you do what he was too scared for

The fight for freedom within yourself

Don't rely on others, it's your choice and no one else's

We won't cut our hair to get a job

We won't act macho to become a cop

We won't suck your dick to be in your scene

We won't wear a suit that's what you call clean

We've got to let them hear our voice

If we want to survive, it's the only choice

We've got to go back to the basics of nature

To discover we're a hell of a creature

Break it, break it, break the public peace!




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