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Dead Prez - 50 in the clip



Check this out!

Alright it's going down like this right here

You push you pay, nahmsayin, everything counts, the trips you pay double

Keep your back straight and count them out loud

C'mon C'mon

50 in the Clip, get big; get big

50 in the Clip, get big; get big

50 in the Clip, get big; get big

On the palms, on the fingertips, on the wrists, on the fists

50 in the Clip, get big; get big

50 in the Clip, get big; get big

50 in the Clip, get rip; get big

On the palms, on the fingertips, on the wood, on the brick

[Verse 1]

Jump and roll doing kicks, basic drills with the sticks

50 push-ups in the clip, on the fists on the brick

Getting swoll on the block, lifting weights at the gym

Take the kids to the park do some techniques with them

Throw that hook, work that cross, stick and move, tap that jaw

Tiger claw, Lion paw, Iron palm can't be soft

Life is hard on the block, put your heart on the spot

You gon' ride or you're not, bomb first get the drop

Pay me, that's head crack boy

That fever ain't got nuthin on that

And stay away from the corners

Tracing burners, you heard me

[Verse 2]

Getting big wit the clique, keep it tight like a fist

Everybody hit the deck nigga four, five, six

Add it up, hit the block, no shirt, tatted up

Skinny niggaz getting cut, since it's two get them knees up

Ain't no girl push-ups, RBG's fifty-fifty

Let me see what you got

Nigga don't just watch me, do 'em with me

You can do it, you look rev'd from your gut not your chest

Push 'em out, make them count go all out, count them out nigga

4,5,6 look at that boy, go together just like Red, Black and Green boy

You looking at Fred, Huey and George right there

Word up, time to pay up, put your muscle where your mouth is

Get big, count them out

50,49,48,47 Get big

46,45,44,43 Get big

42,41,40,39 Push 'em out

38 Get big

37 Get big

36 Get big

35 Get big

34,33,32,31 Get big

30,29,28,27 Get big

26,25,24,23 Push 'em out

22 Get big

21 Get big

20 Get big

19 Get big

18,17,16,15 Get big

14,13,12,11 Get big

10,9,8,7 Push 'em out

6 Get big

5 Get big

4 Get big

3 Get big....2......1

All day it's in the mind




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