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Deadly Venoms - Chasing dreams



[Chorus 2X: (sample) J-Boo]

(Some people shoot for the moon) To the top, to the top, to the top y'all

(Chasing the rainbow so high) We won't stop y'all, we won't stop y'all

This time around, we gonna reach for the top

Cuz niggas tried to stop our dream, but they forgot

That we don't give up, won't give up

Even if we don't blow up, we still roll up, on the scene

You know my team and the reputation we got

We spits that Venom and we always keep it hot

We been through the struggles, and we done seen it all

The rise and fall, but Deadly Venom counquers all

Ya see at A&M, we got caught in the merge

But we still dropped Da Bombs and gave you the urge

And deal number two? That put us back on the map

Darrell Buzz, we did his thing, but his crew was wack

No disrespect, but I keeps it real like that

Got that underground buzz and them platinum tracks

So here we stand united and divided we fall

We gonna keep on Rockin' the World for all of y'all

[Chorus 2X]

Rap-a-rina, used to be a day dreamer watchin Selina

Wishing I was sellin records out in Argentina

I went from locally known, to vocally known, to outspokenly known

Verbal skills openly shown, yet the struggle continues (that's right)

Until I'm sellin out about 100,000 seat venues

I might end up on tour, with Marilyn Manson or Hanson

I'm makin moves for expansion

Better my life, too many folks settle in life or either ahead of they life

But I'mma live it up (uh) its like I'm stuck in 18 again

Caught up in between the men, get the CREAM and win

My point exactly, always had a strong family to back me

Crack that don't attract me (you)

Even though I been hard headed since a young'n

I always break ya'll off a little somethin', somethin'

Ayo, I'm, sick and tired of all the frustration

Broken hearted, like we ain't Venoms, split up like the Temptations

So what, another mad rapper kicks the bucket

But as far as this game goes, I love it

Check it, Champ, D, puttin it down

Crazy as what, no way I'm giving up now

Spittin' Venom til the death, its either do or die

Deadly as ever, you can see the tears in my eyes

Feeling my pain, ya hear me, the shhhhh in the game

I'm losing my cool, I suggest you better maintain

Ease up, for real yall, throw those D's up

Representing Rocks the World, my nigga, G's up

Microphone Fiend and ain't nothin' wrong for chasing ya dream

Keepin' it real, still gettin that Venomous CREAM

Poison and Viper, my homies still on the team

Holdin' it up, givin' you the finishing touch, the finishing touch

[Chorus to end]




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