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Deesha - Falling In Love



I see you lookin at me
You look kinda shy
Though your not usually
my kind of guy
I got this funny little
feeling in side
That your supposed to be
the one in my life!!

And even though you never
caught my eye
there's somethin bout u
i just, just cant describe
somethin thats really got me completely hypnotized
you've got me feeling kinda crazy
so i know that I.......

Falling in love
never gunna feel this way
Fallin in love
neva be alone again
its true, i'm fallin in love
fallin in love...completely
i must be falllin.....

It doesnt matter what i say
or how hard I try
there's somethin bout you that got me
so i cant deny
i'm feelin kinda hazy
weak deep inside
neva imagined anything could feel this right
And everytime i look in your eyes
i get so helplessly lost
feeling so high
you got me thinkin bout foreva and i
beside myself i know that I.....


Something so beautiful is happening
I cant believe
Its all so magical
I can't imagin anything


I must be love love love




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