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Delta Goodrem - Just a normal girl



The grounds shakin, an earthquakes comin,

Let me inside, I got nothin to hide

ooo yeah, nothin [nothin to hide]


*The crowds shoutin for me [for me]

I'm the one they want to see [want to see]

clap along to my song, oh I can't live, if I can't sing

It's everything, to me, ooo

I don't wanna be, one of those people

Who are never seen [ooo, never seen] I'm just anormal girl

A normal teen [normal teen] I love that chocolate swirl ice cream

I hate those ones who judge you, before they even know you

I hate those hoes, those hardcores

I dont wanna be part of their gang, their clique, whatever*

I've got my friends, the fun never ends

I've got my family, I've got my relitives

Come on now, I dont want you to shout

Help me show, what this song's all about

I'm sick, I'm tired, sick of all this, this fightin

Oh, I dont wanna be, one of those people

Who are never see [ooo, never seen] I wanna be famous

I wanna be reconised, I want only a little house

I want a surprise [whoa oh yeah]


The grounds shakin, I'm coming

Let me inside, I got nothin to hide

ooo yeah nothing [nothing to hide]


Ooo, come on now, I don't want you to shout

Help me show, what this song's all about

mmm yeah




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