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Dirty Dancing - Where Are You Tonight



I want to know...
Where are you tonight
(tonight, tonight, tonight)

I want to know...
Where are you tonight
(tonight, tonight, tonight)

I've got to know...
Where are you
(girl, I've got to find ya)

I look at the moon and a single star
It's makin' me crazy wonderin' where you are

I reach out and touch that heavenly face
Open my hand and there's empty space

Oh, no, where are you tonight
(tonight, tonight, tonight)

I got to know...
Where are you tonight, baby

The sink and the dishes spend the weekend there
Should clean up the place but I just don't care

Tonight I'll be talking to the moon and that star
Maybe they'll tell me where on earth you are


Please believe me when you leave me
Keep me worrying through the night

Worry, baby, makes me crazy
Can't tell wrong from right

Come to me tonight


Don't ya hear me calling to ya, baby


Baby, baby, just give me some kind of sign, girl
Come to me, baby

Where are you tonight
Where are you... (4X)




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