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Donots - Jaded



I´m not the joker who wins your game


Your good excuses (they) turn out lame

And I´m not

Always the hand that helps you out


The lucky loser runs out of luck

So sit down and lean back

Cause this might hurt a bit

(I won´t make your bed

I don´t give a shit)

Can you do anything on your own

Without picking up the phone?

Please don´t complicate it

I feel so jaded

Can you do anything on your own?

Hey don´t you know

I feel so jaded

I feel so jaded

I wait for the day when you come to see

That nothing

In our life ever comes for free

Because you´re

Sneaking through life at my expense

With an empty head and empty hands

I´m so worn out

I´m not the joker in your game

When your excuses turn out lame

And nothing ever comes for free

When will the lucky loser see?




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