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E-Rotic - Dr. love



She is so fine Shes all mine Shes the best I ever had

And Im glad Yeah Im glad When I get her into bed

One, two, three and four and five

Hey hey shes fighting for her life

Six, seven I can do it all night long

And it feels so good Tell me it is wrong

But she says shes so tired And she needs some time off

Hey hey hey what do you think Dr Love

Oh calling Dr Love

Seven times a night Dont you think thats enough ?

Calling Dr Love

Hes in action but he gets no satisfaction

Calling Dr Love

He wants too much sex and he wants it so tough

So calling Dr Love

Please help me help me help me Dr Love

Dr Love Dr Love

Sex is good Sex is fun Baby here is number one

And I know what to do Baby here is number two

Number three number four Really hard core

Hey hey hey dont be a bore

Here comes number five If youre lucky youll survive

And with number six you can do all your tricks

Seven makes you fly Like a little turtle dove

Hey hey hey what do you think Dr Love

Dr Love

Dr Love gimme your advise

Hes so oversized

Dr, Dr Love

Dr Love what can I do

Need some help from you

Dr, Dr Love

Dr, Dr Love

Dr Love Dr Love




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