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Eddie Cochran - Half loved



well the party is through, we said our good-byes

we had a good time, yet there's tears in my eyes

oh, what can it be, what's the matter with me

you left me half loved

we stood in the dark and you held my hand

why were you afraid, i can't understand

i wanted your kiss, but it's always like this

you left me half loved

well you hold me close, everytime we danced

am i a fool, to think that i had a chance

to hope, you see, i'm your big romance

baby that's why i'm in the dark

oh-oh-oh-oh, my friends have all said

to love you is wrong

they say you're too young, but i'll string along

someday you'll wake up and then i'll make up




Poiščete lahko tudi vsa besedila izvajalca Eddie Cochran, ali pa se vrnete na prvo stran iskanika besedil, kjer si lahko pomagate tudi z značkami besedil in tako poiščete še kakšno drugo besedilo.

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