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Elisa - In The Green



And now they surrender to the strong light

Changing their colors with the heat

I certainly don't know where I am but I know where I wanna be

And they are saying

I guess I'm trying to believe

Everything follows and I am trying, and someone's singing to me now. .mmhh..

like we're one..

the ground by falling down..

Another day to fill up somewhere floating on the line of time

I blow a little wish in my hand, sending it back to the sky

And they're saying

I guess I'm trying to believe

Everything follows

I'm trying ..and someone's singing to me now

That I will be with you again

Oh I will be with you again

As they say

I guess I'm trying to believe that

Everything follows and I'm trying, and someone is singing to me now..

That I will be with you again

Oh I will be with you again




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