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Eminem - Pretzel's Freestyle



This is my freestyle
I may suck but i can a least try.....Here is goes

I like Eminem because he can rap better then me
I know I'm no movie star or rap star
but i'm just another person who likes rap and one day
be able to produce my own alubm or have a demo of something
I like Dr. dre and vanilla ice can kiss my ass

This is Pretzel's freestyle i may suck but i can a least try

My friend derek is a punk but he is the coolest guy i know not!
just kidding
I had a great life going up not like Eminem but he likes to rap about his life
and i think that is cool
That cleaning out my closet is a great song and i like it

This is Pretzel's freestyle i may suck but i can a least try

Now this is not the best rap but like i said i can a least try and i'm not the
best rapper in town.
But you know all of you people can kiss my ass.




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