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Eminem - Rocafella Beat




ay yo Obie

show your teeth man


it's about to get real ugly man

shady records man




cus we're smiling


eminem mutha fuckas




obie trice


lets go!

throw them hands up [uh]

throw them hands up [bustas]

throw them hands up [bitch]

throw them hands up [hoes!]

throw them hands up [fuck faces]

throw them hands up [dick riders]

throw them hands up [fake assed mutha fuckas

all y'all]

throw them hands up


you know how i be

high for V.I.P

i'll be in the club til I D.I.E

somewhere in the mix fucking with the


spitting at whore moody rain more

you talk shit i talk shit to B

you pull out a mag bare of bus so B

you pull out a mag don't buss Obie

faggot ass with the seasame

you know a nigger beemed up

hood tripled beamed up

ash on V's rolling on sprees - what

was that who what? ask Em i'll shoot ya

take on the barnuda get real of the madusa

lose for night track fifteen

i proved you mother fuckers that a screw

weren't tight

the eminem show for mic's in the show

o's all politics!




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