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Enrique Iglesias - Sad Eyes



Every day here you come walking

I hold my tongue,

I don`t do much talking

You say you`re happy and you`re doin` fine

Well go ahead, baby,

I got plenty of time

Sad eyes never lie

Sad eyes never lie

Well for a while

I`ve been watching you steady

Ain`t gonna move `til you`re good and ready

You show up and then you shy away

But I know pretty soon you`ll be walkin` this way

Sad eyes never lie

Sad eyes never lie

Baby don`t you know I don`t care

Don`t you know that I`ve been there

Well if something in the air feels a little unkind

Don`t worry darling, it`ll slip your mind

I know you think you`d never be mine

Well that`s okay, baby, I don`t mind

That shy smile`s sweet, that`s a fact

Go ahead,

I don`t mind the act

Here you come all dressed up for a date

Well one more step and it`ll be too late

Blue blue rib-bon in your hair

Like you`re so sure

I`ll be standing there

Sad eyes never lie


Blue blue ribbon in your hair

Like you`re so sure

I`ll be standing there

Sad eyes never lie

Sad eyes never lie

Sad eyes never

Sad eyes never lie




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