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Evanescence - Wake me up inside



Bring Me To Life.

How can you see into my eyes

like open doors.

Leading you down into my core

where I've become so numb.

Without a soul

my spirit's sleeping somewhere cold

until you find it there and lead it back home.

(Wake me up.

Wake me up inside.

I can't wake up.

Wake me up inside.

Save me.

Call my name and save me from the dark.

Wake me up.

Bid my blood to run.

I can't wake up.

Before I come undone.

Save me.

Save me from the nothing I've become.)

Now that I know what I'm without

you can't just leave me.

Breathe into me and make me real

Bring me to life.

Bring me to life.

I've been living a lie

There's nothing inside.

Bring me to life.

Frozen inside without your touch,

without your love, darling.

Only you are the life among the dead.

All of this sight

I can't believe I couldn't see

Kept in the dark

but you were there in front of me

I've been sleeping a 1000 years it seems.

I've got to open my eyes to everything.

Without a thought

Without a voice

Without a soul

Don't let me die here

There must be something wrong.

Bring me to life.

Bring me to life.

I've been living a lie

There's nothing inside.

Bring me to life




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