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Five & Queen - We will rock you



Written By: Brian May

Verse 1 :

Buddy, You're a boy

Make a big noise, Playin' in the street

Gonna be a big man some day, You got blood on your face

Big disgrace, Kicking your can, All over the place.

Singing, We will, We will rock you

We will, We will rock you.

Verse 2 (Rap)

Keep the beat up, Why, I'm gonna turn your heat up

Gonna get you on the floor, Gonna burn your feet up

Rockin' you, Like never rocked you before

Like the way I do, Got you screamin' for more.

We're causing utter devastation, When we steppin' to the place

And better believe that you can see, We're gonna rock

And never stop, And here we go again

Hit you with the flow again

Kick it up the second time around

We'll bring it on again, Shout it out.


We will, We will rock you. (4X)

Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go...

Verse 3 :

Buddy, You're an old man, A poor man

Pleasing with your eyes, Gonna make you something some day

You got mud of your face

Big disgrace, Somebody better put you back in your place.

Repeat Chorus




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