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Foxy Brown - Dog & a fox



I've been playin' bitches all my life

From that hoe to my wife

You think I give a fuck like you don't know I'm livin' trife

Strife is struggle, bitches with pussy on the juggle

Little shorty named Tamica from 25th, you can smuggle

Cheesin' that Columbian Connection from that

Cross-the-water section, baby nines every detail for protection

Injection of that shit I'm kickin', got you stickin'

Niggaz you got love for, bring 'em up

Cuz you with them bus off

Bitches slingin' rocks, swingin' glocks, bringin' knocks

Holdin' down the fun, even when it's steamin' hot

Money's being gathered, honeys actin' shady

So I hit it with 5 feelin' 380's

Can't fox it, 300 Mercedes

Time like this bring out, the savager shit

Bitches ain't keepin' it real, so I'm damagin' shit

I'm on that ??? shit, and I'm hungry

Fox with the Dog, it's about to get ugly, for real


: DMX, (Foxy Brown)

Ya bitches suckin' dick

(Ya niggaz see the click)

Yo, you think you fuckin' sick?!

(Ya'll niggaz ain't shit)

Ya bitches suckin' dick

(Ya niggaz want this bitch)

Yo, you think you fuckin' sick?!


[Foxy Brown]

Nigga fuck you, eat a phat one

Though I stacked on pussy

Platinum lace, ain't no smile on my face

Shit..., burn 'em by da waist

Fuck him right to his face

And tell him, crack the bitch before I blast his bitch

Ya know Na Na come thru, dime, chicks, ice stucked

Minked out, rolly 6, like grey chrome 6

Go to ass, wanna fuck? Nigga then go to cash, right

Any bitch needs some dick in they life, make 'em

Cop you with drops, but just copy some rocks

Take it all from his dumb-ass, slide on his woman

I'm on some shit and I'm hungry, Dog with the Fox

It's about to get ugly



Foxy Brown - "Tramp" *


What you call me?! Tramp!

What you call me?! Tramp!

What you call me?! Tramp!

What you call me?!

[Foxy Brown]

Homegirls attention you must pay

So listen close to what I say

Don't take this AS no simple rhyme

Becuz this hyper-shit happens all the time

Now, who would you do, if a broke nigga came by?

Would you FUCK him or would you deny? Shit...

It ain't like he don't know what we like

Just a little bit of ice, haven't straight for life

Then maybe we could talk about 'fuckin' at night'

69 no change, in the back of the range

Care away and diss you

Is ya'll muthafuckaz still pushin' expeditions?

Won't catch a bitch like Na Na rollin' in 'em

Small thing, bitch we own things

Give a fuck if my ice colors all rains or sky blue

I fuck with you

Tramp, Tramp, tramp!

What you call me?! Tramp!

What you call me?! Tramp!

What you call me?! Tramp!

What you call me?! Tramp, tramp, tramp!

What you call me?! Tramp!

What you call me?! Tramp!

What you call me?! Tramp!

What you call me?! Tramp, tramp, tramp!

[Foxy Brown]

T-R-A-M-P, get the fuck away from me

Cuz if you get too close I'ma had my folks

Cuz you an emergency

Gimme some room, all ya'll niggaz want a dick in my woom

You don't even noom, wanna fuck my friends?

Give me head and drive my Benz

Spendin' lately, make me wanna fuck yo' friends

Smack yo' bitch, take yo' 6, crash yo' shit

Leave you numb, make me come, five more times

Need five mo' bottles, to get my shit wet

You don't even suck this hits yet, shit...

Break me off, clothes come off, show me love

Let me hold somethin', freak you off

Fuck you right, then sneak you off

Now straight, (bein' broke), I'm out, the breeze off

[Foxy Brown]

Any sproke niggaz got some nerves

They be frontin' in the club, but they man first

Five niggaz on one bottle of Cris

Then he talkin' me to death, fuck you takin' this

Whether he friend of fo', gotta stome my lopes

Matter of fact, fuck that, nigga ice my toe

And whatever bitch you fuck, bound twice them hoes

Then I want my pussy licked, after all my shows

It's not a game, it's betta test my thing

And if it ain't like ???, betta be on ya way

And if my stones ain't blue, no ask for you

And if my ice ain't red, then you tell some heads

What we're tryin' to do is take Na Na to the Telly

Phattin' on my belly, then lock me down, never that

I ball to the day I crope, back that gimme that

til fade




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