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Ginuwine - I'm crying out



(Can't believe you're gone)

(Can't believe you're gone)


What did I do the deserve this pain,

I'm crying out

I'm so alone without you here

What's this about?


1st Verse:

I can't go on,

I need you here right next to me

My life ain't complete,

I'm dying inside I feel so weak

I'm puring out my heart to you

Feel my pain it hurts so deep

There's no need to go ahead

My life is gone, I'd rather be dead


2nd Verse:

I'm still amazed

Despite everything I still have love

What's keep the feelings deep within in me

I thought they'd be easy to get rid of

There's no one I'm wanting more

You're the reason why I love, yeah

I'd give anything just to have you girl

Cuz you make you whole, you are my world



Can't believe you're gone

Are you coming back?

Tell me what I've done

But I love you so...


What did I do to deserve this pain, I'm crying out....


Hello baby...why you got my man cryin out?....That's not a nice thing to

do...You know, he loves you. But you know what?, I love you too. Don't hurt

him baby.


What's this about?

Chorus till fade




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