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Gnarls Barkley - On-line



I'm on the line.

I'm on the line.

Once I clean my mirror.

I'm a be feeling fine.

Trying to get there is,

all that's on my mind.

When I'm on the line.

Even though I run my race,

With a smile on my face.

It ain't easy, naw it ain't.

Feels like the life of the party.

But it's all in your mind,

On the line.

I'm on the line.

I'm on the line.

Once I clean my mirror.

I'm a be feeling fine.

Even when you're falling,

Just pretend you're flying.

When ya on the line.

I'm with everybody but I'm still alone,

Just look down, that's my,

line your standing on.

Let's keep it friendly and we'll be just fine.

But don't cross that line!




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