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Guns n Roses - This I Love



It seemed like forever and a day,

If my intentions are misunderstood,

Please be kind, I’ve done all I should.

I won’t ask of you what I would not do.

Ooooh I saw the damage in you,

My fortunate one, the ending of you.

Why would they tell me to please dont just laugh in my face

When all of the reasons they don’t ask all over themselves to give way

Ooh yeah.

It’s not a question of whether my heart is true.

Seemed like I had to pull through.

Look for a new beginning, on you.

Ooooh I, I got a message for you,

Open up away, it’s what I’ve got to do

Give what you have, what you might loose.

What would you say if I told you that I’m to blame?

And what would you do if I had to deny your name?

Where would you go if I told you I loved you, and then walked away?

Oooh ya.

Who should I tell now if not for the ones, that you could not say?

Oooh now.

I told you when I found you,

If no one doubts you, you should be careful, or run away.

Now they surround you,

All that it amounts to is love that you took away for fortune and fame.

If my affects are misunderstood,

And you decide I’m up to no good,

Don’t ask me to enjoy them just for you.

Ask yourself: what I would do to bring you down, myself

To live with fortune and shame.

Oooh ya.

You should have turned to the hearts of the ones, but you would not stay ohh yeah

I told you where’d I’d find you,

all it amounts to is love that you gave away for fortune and fame.




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