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Guru - Hall of fame



Yea, it's the Baldhead SLick ya heard, aka

dog ruizi, my man Solar on the track. I'm about

to hit one out the park baby. Peep this

You need to put me in the hall of fame

I'm worldwide, a legend in this game. *Check the resume*

You could put me in the hall of fame

I'm worldwide, a legend in this, *Check the resume* (2X)

[Verse 1]

Peep my groundwork, check how it's masterfully laid

Composition when written gets classically made

Start with a concept then collect the beat

Sit and write the bomb shit and rep the streets

Respect my state of mind, I never waste a line

Suckers are featherweight, while I'm heavyweight with mine

I caught more war scars than others profess to

Don't ask me to kick no rap, ask me to bless you

It's special, just like a brand new three-eighty

Have you thrash your CD, 'cause man your forgaize

Or you could catch me with the gods building

You can catch me on the mic, spitting juice to all the god's children

If I sold out, I could've sold millions

But in a minute, I'm about to hold billions

'Cause after the charade, and after the parade

Niggaz got to pay homage, to the master of this trade

- 2X

[Verse 2]

My lineage is large, my pilgreamage was hard

But I held down my square, my images of God

I hit the corner like I'm real familiar

I get up on ya like a wise guy will be familiar

And all the haters want to throw me off, bitches want to blow me of

Got die-hard fans, like I'm holy cross

See I'ma put you in your place

Niggaz be shook when they see a crook With triggers in their face

The triple OG's is back in his rest

Scheming on the way, to kill a demon is his quest

I'm planning all the way, got cannons all the way

Got a boat load of artillery, landing on the bay

I never really cared about critical acclaim

Still I never let a punk, try to ridicule my name

And after all the hatin' and all of the debatin'

Niggaz will run to the stage, to see the master conversatin'

- 2X

[Verse 3]

I'm like a one-man army, You little bums can't harm me

And don't try to send no little holocs to charm me

The hall of famer with my microphone flamer

The baller trainer with my monotone banger

I travel light years mentally

Essentially I'm wise, as if I've been here for centuries

And after the charade, and after the parade

Niggaz got to pay homage, to the master of this trade

- 2X

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