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Guru - Kingpin



Taking off my jacket, my talk is classic

'bout to elevate to kingpin in this racket

Taking off my jacket, my talk is classic

'bout to elevate to kingpin

[Verse 1]

Here it is now, it's back to the best

Complete with hollow-tip vocals made to smack through your vest

First I drop on, then I'm going after the rest

You gon' need deacons and ushers, I have to confess

I spit flamous, live famous, no need for this glanous

You could point the finger at me, it was I who made this

I'm like *Hannibal* in Rome, I'll dismantle your dome

Leave your fresh carcass out, where the animals roam

Pull savages, could lose whole savages

I wreck whole spots, and I pay no damages

Remember the face but you can't place the scene

Set an incredible piece, while you chase your dream

I aint worried about how many that come, we'll watch them go

They all want to stop my show and stop my dough

But I know that the people endorse me

This means that I'm the new boss, I got the streets to enforce me

- 2X

[Verse 2]

Now the streets may show love but the po-po doesn't

They want to lock us all up like it's a local custom

Some people are frauds, yet you hope to trust 'em

Soon as you find they snitch, you ready to load and bust one

Not an advocate of violence, but I fight for truth

I like firing rhymes more than I like to shoot

I see the young ones, grabbing their guns for fun

Aint nothing glamorous about slinging jums in the slums

The god came up hard, straight of the boulevard

Playin to win, stay in your skins like a bullet scar

Authorized to rise just like baker's ease

Now those who come against me, want to make the peace

And all you knuckle-head, coward ass chumps get back

Rhymes spray, fools pay, as if I dump my mack

And of course you know the people endorse me

This means that I'm the new boss, I got the streets to enforce me

- 2X




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