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Harlem world - We both frontin



We Both Frontin’ 1999

"Mase Presents Harlem World The Movement" So-So Def

Harlem World featuring Jermaine Dupri 3:51

(Jermaine Dupri/C. Lowe/C. Hawkins/M. Foster/A. Hudson/S. Betha)


I’m still lookin’ at the game, you know

And I see that’s there’s a lotta niggas that’s just frontin’

Basically, you kn’I mean

Yo’, I’m doin’ 150 wildin’, headin’ out the city island

I see this shorty with the pretty smile and

Pushing a Prelude "Hey you, diamond stud up in your navel"

Actin’ like it cost nine G’s

A real fine queen, eyes was light green

And had a tattoo, written in Chinese

Only 25, spent her money wise

Work out everyday, I could tell by her tummy size

(Damn you got some funny eyes)

Yeah, I blink a lot, drink a lot

You could catch me at the rink a lot

But enough about me, ma, you look amazin’, are you Haitian

(I’m half that and half Asian)

(My name is Raven, live in New Haven)

(Until I find the right man, my virginity, I’m savin’)

The things I was saying, honey, might be blazin’

I took her to the Days Inn, of course she gave in

(No disrespect, you look nice and s@


(But I ain’t really tryin’ to price your s@


(I’m sayin’ I like that Platinum on your wrist)

(But why isn’t there no ice in this)

Same reason why, baby girl, that ain’t your hair (Motherf@

$er, you did


You the same one rockin’ your home girl’s gear (Oh no, Boo, this is


In fact, why you tryin’ to hate on me

When we both frontin’, basically, word (Basically)

I be that slick thug, see me in the strip club

With Dominican chicks, ‘bout to get my d@

$ rubbed




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