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(HED) P.E. - Blackout



I blackout!!

Dont you put words in my mouth

Dont try to shut me up

Im not about plastic skin

I gotta get out, gotta get out, in

What about those things you said to me

What about the time weve wasted

Everydays just like the one before

Everytime I see your face..


I blackout

You know I gotta get in

Just let me in

You know I gotta get in

But, I gotta know now, where do I fit in

I blackout

Dont you tell me what to think

Youll never know how I should feel

I see through plastic skin,

I gotta get out gotta get out, in

What about the 5 oclock news

What about the Sunday paper

Every days just like the one before

Everytime I turn the page..


I cant breathe

My heart is freezing

While we pray

My soul is packing its bags. and leaving

Blackout!! What about those things you said to me

I wanna know now where do I fit in?

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