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(HED) P.E. - Boom



Nobody move, nobody get hurt

Somebody don't know, so that body got burnt

You in the jungle baby, you gonna die

Might as well get fucked, might as well get high

On the real son, I'mma take everything I need, the drugs, the sex, the power,

the American dream

I'm a rude, rude boy raised by TV

I laugh at violence, pain and death don't mean shit to me


It's got to be like that

Call me a looser

Yo I can deal with that

You think you all that, till I lay you on your back, with your legs spread

Ha - Boom! How you like that?

How you like that [3X]

Can you feel me?

How many motherfuckers, just like me

Grew up just like me, fucked up just like me

Wake up, light up, watching BET

Fucking babies mothers from Jersey to Cali

Don't get mad, get high, go get even, go get your shit back,

then tell that lying ho you leaving

I smoke weed, I drink wine

Take your daughter to my tour bus and fuck her from behind


You were never there, when I was down

Like when I needed someone, you were nowhere to be found

I remember the sound of your heartbeat

I remember how you found something good in me

Now I remember how you started fucking with me

You kept fronting on me, always trying to pull something with me

Shit-this ain't no game to me

This shit is life to me, and you ain't living right baby


Can you feel me?




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