Besedila pesmi

(HED) P.E. - Tired Of Sleep (t.o.s.)



i come as i am

come when i can

this man come complete with confusion

i come as i am

you know i got to look for

got to find the connections

one eye on you

one eye on those rhymes

the third eye a got brother's back

part time

i crossed out all the weak lines

re-runs memorized drama confined

for the moment

brother man, do you got some time

my sweet mother can you spare

yet another dime

i know this too

i will leave behind

all this too

yes my soul will find the way back

run, run away back

come please show me the way back

i got off track

one thing is over another begins

one thing starts another thing ends


i'm tired of waiting

tired of sleeping

everytime i close my eyes

i know i'm missing something

i'm tired of wondering

what i'm so fucking tired of asking

always needing and wanting something

i'm tired of thinking

tired of wondering what

i come as i am

never give a damn

come where i can

she say she wanna skip the foreplay

not a problem

compulsions dictate my every decision

temptations into everyone

i'm giving in

observe this brother in sin

see how he's livin

notice that shit eatin grin

he's wearing not caring

the niggaz high till it hurt

and the confusion

from the first verse

make it much fucking worse

his soul will find a way back




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