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Iced Earth - Im-ho-tep (pharoah's curse)



Time is the bond of mortal life

Isis with the scroll of life

Raised her love Osiris from the dead

Live can transcend the mortal coil

With this script, the high priest of

The Pharaoh commits his sacrilege

Death is but a threshold

To another life, you will arrive

With this power

You shall live again, there is no end

You'll live again...

Love was the curse upon my soul

For it I would risk salvation

And utilize the scroll to save this one

Time is the sentence for my sin

Three thousand years my angry soul's

Been trapped inside this tomb of my condemn.

Death is but a threshold

To another life, I will arrive

With this power

I shall live again, there is no end.

I'll live again

Dawn shines a light on pain untold

Scarred from the millennia

The heart that beats inside my chest is cold

Rise, I'm rising from these sands of time

By the scarab's power I am given strength

With hate in hand, this misery I drink

Death is but a threshold

To another life, I will arrive

And with this power

I shall live again, there is no end

This pain won't end




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