Besedila pesmi

Imajin - Something about love




I maybe a young boy, but I

know a little something about love

give me a chance and i'll show

something about love

I maybe only 15, so baby

put your loving on me

give me a chance and i'll show you

something about love

1st verse:

I see you everday after school

you smile back when i smile at you

you're telling me that you're friends say

that i'm to young, but i'm trying to let you know

that i can hold my own oooohhh

Repeat Chours

Verse 2:

Coming a lil closer let's walk

put your hands in mine and let's talk (baby baby)

and girl my wish would be to kiss you don't be afraid

tell me you be mine so come on if you feel like i it's on

3rd Verse:

You'll never find a love like mine

even though you much older

Give me a chance of my romance

I'll love you forever

you'll never find a love like mine

even though your much older

i can make you believe that i'm the

best thing so baby keep in me mind

Repeat Chours till it fades




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