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Jamelia - Bitch




I'll be that b*tch tonight (I'll show you b*tch - b*tch!)

Beautiful. Intelligent. Talented. Cool. Honey.

Sure you're right. I'm a B.*.T.C.H!!

[Verse 1:]

I got 'em Lined up in the club, jus to get a glimpse of me

I got 'em Dressing like me, then tryin' a compete

I got 'em Staring at me till their bottom jaws drop

I got 'em Turning heads swiftly like peacocks

I got 'em All wishing they could come a little closer

I got 'em Wanting to chill wid da B.*.T.C.H from da poster

I got 'em Hating my eyes, my thighs, my ride, my style

I got 'em Tearing out their hair and going on wild


[Verse 2:]

I got 'em Jealous cos their man's eyes don't leave me

I got 'em Hating cos I'm looking good and I'm smelling sweet

I got 'em Still watching tryin' a learn to be a lady

I got 'em Tired and weak from tryin' a keep up with me

I got 'em Hating cos I don't sugar coat a damn thing

I got 'em Wanting to kill me every time they see my bling swing

I got 'em Hating my eyes, my ride, my thighs, my style

I got 'em Tearing out their hair and going on wild







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