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Jamiroquai - Hollywood Swingin'



Ahh now party people!

Now party people getting down!

Now you've got to put your hands together!


Get on down and get on down and

Get on down!!


Hey Hey Hey!

Come on now! Gotta sing it now...

What you got to say?

Oh, what you got to say now?

Hey Hey Hey!

Come On Now! Gotta sing it now...

What you got to say?

Oh what you got to say now?


Hollywood Swingin'

We got that, we got that, we got that

Hollywood Swingin'

Hollywood! (Hollywood now)

Hollywood Swingin'!

Oh! Now I got that swingin' Aheheh!

I remember

Not too long ago

I went to the theatre

And I saw the Kool & The Gang show

I always wanted (oh yes I did)

To fit into a band

I got to, I got to:

Sing my songs, sing my songs, sing my songs

And become a big piano playing man

So here I am, here I am, here I am...

Oh, in this Hollywood city

Yeah.. City of stars, movies, women and cars

Well I guess.. I guess I have to stay! Alright!

Hey Hey Hey! (Come On Sing It!)

What you got to say? What you got to say now yeah?

Hey Hey Hey! (Sing It Now!)

What you got to say? What you got to say now yeah?

Hollywood! (Hollywood Yeah)

Hollywood Swingin'!

Yo swing it like that!

Hollywood! (Hollywood now)

The Hollywood swingin'!

Oh.. Hollywood Hollywood Hollywood Hollywood now!

Hollywood Swingin' Oh a hey yeah!

Hollywood Hollywood Hollywood!

Now Hollywood Hollywood

Now they're all swinging in Hollywood!

Hollywood Swingin'

Hollywood, Hollywood, Hollywood now Hollywood! [x lots]




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