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Jamiroquai - Hot Tequila Brown



How many times

Can a man watch the sun rise

Over his head

Without feeling free?

How many words

Will fail me in my negligence

To arrest, oh yes

This crazy part of me?

How many fools

Will I let unlock the door to my heart?

When I know that, I know that

They shouldn't have had the key

It's been so long

And the groove in my heart is nearly gone

Oh, my head's in the clouds

But I'm landing on my feet


Don't shoot me down

Sun shine, shine down

I'm hot tequila brown

Don't shoot me down

I'm stone cold but I'm lying here

Sun shine, shine down

How many lives

Will I lose on the battle lines

Inside of my mind?

I think I've had enough

Don't shoot me down

All I want to see is my black eyes turn back to brown

Cross that Rubicon

I think I really must

[Chorus x4]

Sun shine, shine down

Sun shine, shine down

[Repeat to fade]




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