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Jamiroquai - Main Vein



What are you going to do to make me hate me

I can't see how you can this time

A fistful of lies and a verbal decimation

It's so sad but keep on trying

I got no chains or fancy aspirations

But I've still got a losing streak

I don't need praise or instand admiration

It takes more than you to make me weak

What are you going to do to stop me this time baby

You being trying to funk around my mind lately

Well I'm getting so sick and tired of

Hearing about it

Like I'm not the man and I don't exist

You wanna know about this and you wanna

Know things about me

But what you're saying always has a vicious poison twist

Why do you do it to me

Why do you do it to me

You're messing with my mind

I'm breaking out, I'm breaking out

I'm flying higher than a pig in space

And they've been so blind, they've been so blind

I was born in '69

Amd I'm telling the world

But they don't wanna know about me

No no no

I wanted just to do my thing

I wanted just to make my life

Have that swing and Ooo feel so good

But all they wanna do is mess with my mind




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