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Jamiroquai - Sunny




Yesterday my life was filled with rain


You smiled at me and really eased the pain

Oh the dark days are gone and the bright days are here

My sunny one is shines sincere

Sunny, one so true

I love you


Thank you the sunshine bouquet

Woah, sunny, thank you love that you brought my way

Oh now you gave to me your all and all

And now i feel like im ten feet tall

Sunny, one so true

I love you

( ...Sunny

Thank you for the truth that you made me see


Thank you for the facts, from A to Z

My life was torn like a wind-blown sand

And then a rock was formed when we held hands

Now sunny, one so true

I love you ...)


Thank you for the smile thats upon your face


Thank you for that gleam that flows with grace

Your my spark of natures fire

Your my sweet, complete desire

Sunny, one so true

I love you




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