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Jane's Addiction - Jane says



Jane says

I'm done with sergio

He treats me like a ragdoll

She hides

The television

Says "i don't owe him nothing,

But if he comes back again

Tell him to wait right here for me or,

Try again tomorrow"

"I'm gonna kick tomorrow..."

"I'm gonna kick tomorrow..."

Jane says

"Have you seen my wig around?

I feel naked without it"

She knows

They all want her to go

But that's ok man

She don't like them anyway

Jane says

"I'm going away to spain when i get my money saved

I'm gonna start tomorrow"

"I'm gonna kick tomorrow..."

"I'm gonna kick tomorrow..."

She gets mad

And she starts to cry

Takes a swing but she can't hit!

She don't mean no harm

She just don't know...

What else to do about it

Jane goes

To the store at eight

She walks up on st. andrews

She waits

And gets her dinner there

She pulls her dinner

From her pocket

Jane says

"I've never been in love - no"

She don't know what it is

She only knows if someone wants her

"I only want 'em if they want me,..."

"I only know they want me..."

Jane says...

Jane says...




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