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Jay-Z - Jay-z, ja & amil-lion - can i get a......



Jay-z JA and Amil-lion - Can I get A.........


Can I hit it in the mornin

without givin you half of my dough

And even worse if I was broke would you WANT ME

If I couldnt get you finer thing

like all of them diamond rings B*tches kill for

would you STILL ROLL?

If we couldnt see the sun risin off the shore of Thailand

would you RIDE THEN if I wasnt DROPPEN

If I wasnt ah, eight figure nigga by the name of JIGGA

would you come around me or would you clown me

If I couldnt flow futuristic would ya

put your two lips on my wood and kiss it could ya

see yourself with a nigga workin harder than 9 to 5

contend with six two jobs to survive or

do you need a BALLA? So you can shop and tear the MALL UP

Brag, tell your friends what I BOUGHT YA

If you couldnt see yourself with nigga when his dough is low

Baby girl, if this is so, yo........


Can I get a F**k you

Jay-Z to these b*tches from all of my N*ggaz

who dont love hoes they get no dough

Can I get a WOOP WOOP

Amil to these n*iggaz from all my b*tches

who dont got love for n*iggaz without doves?


You aint gotta be rich but F*CK THAT

How you gonna get aroundon your BUS PASS

Fo' I put this p*ssy on your mustache

Can you AFFORD ME, my fella breadwinners never corny

Ambition makes me, so horny

Not the fussin and the frontin

If you got nuttin, bab boy you betta

"Git up Git out and get something" Sh*t

I like a, Lot of P-rada, Alize and Vodka

Late nights, candlelight then I tear the cock up

Get it up I put it down erytime it pop up huh

I got to snap em, let it loose, then I knock it

Feel the juice , then I got ya, when you produce the rocka

I let you met mamma and introduce you to pappa

M, coochie remains in a Gucci name

Never test my patience n*gga Im hot maintance

HIGH CLASS, if you aint rollin bypass

If you aint holdin I dash yo



It aint even a question

how my dough flow, Im good to these bad hoes

Like my bush wet and undry like damp clothes

What y'all n*iggaz dont know its eazy, to pimp a hoe

B*tches betta have my money fo' sho'

Before they go runnin they month promotin half

I be diggin they back out go head let it out

I f*cks with my gat out bounce and leave a hundred

Makin em feel slutted even if they dont want it

Its been So LONG

since I met a chick aint on my tips but then I'm

DEAD WRONG when I tell em BE GONE

So HOLD ON to the feelin of floosin and platuim

cause from NOW ON you can witness Ja the I-CON

with hoddies and TIMBS ON cause I thugs my b*tches

VEVE studs my b*tches then we rob b*itch n*ggaz

Im talkin bout straight figures if you here you wit us

If not Boo you know what I still got you





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