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Jennifer Love Hewitt - Cool with you



Sometimes I sit by the fire and reminisce

About the time that we spent in front of it

And that old flame will never be the same

Until you comeback here and rekindle it

I just wanna share my heart with you again

'Coz baby...

I wanna be cool with you

just get back I could do with you

Oh-oo-woah woah-oo-woah



Just wanna be cool with you again

Late last night, I was going through some old things

When I saw a picture of you, my best friend

It reminded me of the days when you were mine

You had a way that always left me with a smile

I want those sweet days back again,

'Coz baby...

It's a sunny day, but you're not around

That all the rain might as well be pouring down

It's such a shame 'cause my heart's on the ground

Just wanna be cool with you again

I fall asleep at night and often see you here, in my dreams

holdin' me

But when I wake up and I realise that

you're not here with me

It hurts so much I gotta have you baby

Just wanna be cool with you again




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