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Jill Scott - The fact is (i need you)



I can pay my own light bill baby

Pump my own gas in my own car

I can buy my own shoe collection

I've been blessed thus far

I can kill the spider above my bed

Although it's hard because I'm scared

I can even stain and polyurethane

But some things just don't change

I need you yeah

Sometimes so hard to say oh

I need you

Some things remain

I could buy my own groceries baby

Get my hair tight, my nails right

I can floss my own bling bling

Write the words to the songs I sing

I can even raise the child we'll make

Make sure he's loved and knows what God gave us

I can teach him how to walk and stand

But he needs you to help him be a man

We need you

So hard to say

We need you

Some things don't change

I could be congresswoman

Or a garbage woman or

Police officer, or a carpenter

I could be a doctor and a lawyer and a mother and a good girl

God what you've done to me

Kind of lover I could be

I could be a computer analyst, the Queen with the nappy hair raising her fist

Or I could be much more and a myriad of this

Hot as the summer, sweet as the first kiss

And even though I can do all these things

I need you

And even though I can do all these things

We need you

We need you

We need you

And even though I can do all these things by my damn self

I need you

I do, I do, I do, I do

And even though I can do all these things

I need you

We need you

We do

We need you yeah

We need you




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