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Jimmy Eat World - Angst For Joel



Is this promenade a musician?

And all that man can do is always compare original?

Doesn't matter what I say all I know is I got it in me.

And why do all the other records sound the same?

And I can stay right here.

And I ain't going off to pee.

But you won't hear one word I say.

No you're not listening.

So what I'm doing nothing here.

This time I'll play when the talented people don't show up.

If I don't got nothing good to say

So then why say it?

And I can stay right here.

And I ain't going off to pee.

But you won't hear one word I say.

Shutup and say.

"Yeah. I thought the punk scene was about unity

and creating an atmosphere of uh think for yourself.

Do what you want and not care about what other people thought about you.

It's not about creating cliques and trying to take what punk is.

Punk is what you want it to be.

It's about what anybody wants it to be.

It's about what you control it should be.

Punk's what you think it is."

I'm just standing here and people doing philosophy.

And it won't make one total difference on penny royalties.




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