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John Waite - Keys to your heart



All I ever wanted was to get away

And spend some time alone

To a big house in the country

To a private yacht with Wall Street on the phone

And in a million dollar paradise

Maybe I could sing a better song

But I've found something different now

And I finanlly understand

That money gets you everything

But it slips straight through your hands

And it's love that makes the world go round

And it's nationwide from town to town

It gets you coming up and going down

And it makes everything alright

I'd give you everything and that's a start

To get next to you and the keys to your heart

There's something going on here

Something going on behind your eyes

You got me feeling kind of nervous

With that Mona Lisa smile

And maybe I could get a steady job

Bring home the bacon 9 to 5

See I'd do anything to win you

Anything at all, I've got my cards

Down on the table, baby

We could have a ball!


There was a time when I believed

That I'd be ok

Living by myself

Then I laid eyes on you

And I believe that I became somebody else

Now I believe...yeah! yeah! yeah!

It's love that makes the world go round




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