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Judas Priest - Reckless



No one can stop me know

I'm like a human dynamo

Live wired and chargin' out with power

This time I won't hold back, I'm rarin'

to get up and go

Fuelled up and growin' by the hour

Look out, I'm blastin' through the lines

alive and kickin'

Watch out, I'm young and lethal

I'm goin' from here until eternity

I'm feelin' reckless

Way outa hand, a real survivor

reckless, comin' at a fale force ten

Around me I feel the shick waves,

building for the energy

A force field no one can break


solid as rock no wonder I am


First placed in everything I do

Radioactive I'm shootin' through the


Takin' off, I'm headin' like a rocket

through the stratosphere.

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