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Justin - The tears are falling down



Yes it's true, yes it's true,

You warned me many times.

You said that you would be leaving me,

If I don't make things right.

So I promised, I promised, I promised you that things were gonna change.

But the time flies right by and it took my girl away from me.


Oh, it seems I've lost my baby

And the tears are falling down.

There's nothing I can say to make her stay.

I guess it's too late now.

Time is up and the tears are falling down.

I won't lie, I won't lie,

It never crossed my mind,

That you actually walk away and leave this love behind.

And I never, I never, I never thought that problems wouldn't fade.

But out of time and I got mine and it's quite a price to pay.


I know you gave me all the lovin' that I'll ever need and

Any other woman is less than heavenly,

But please understand that it is hard for me to communicate these things I feel for you,

But girl don't doubt it's true.

I know you feel it to.

I'm still missing you (I'm still missing you).





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