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Juvenile - H.b. headbusta



Get out the way now, hey.. get out the way now..

Get out the way now, headbusters on the way now.. ahh, ahh

Get out the way now, the headbusters on the way now.. mmm

Get out the way.. get out the way now..

You wonder why I don't smile and don't make friends

or ki-ki with new niggaz; cause I don't know dem

I didn't shoot marbles witcha and you ain't no kin

Kissin ass like you be doin look you ain't no men

The only reason you're talkin crazy cause you drank mo' gin

You can take it there if you want, look you ain't gon' win

And I'm feelin like an example is needed to be made

I'ma take this calico and go bust me a head

They might just won't retailate, they might just be afraid

Some niggaz I been f***in with controllin what they say

It's still on! They wouldn't let me ride

That was they nigga that we killed so one of us gotta die

Oh yeah, they wanna play ha?

Must really be underestimatin me and this 'k ha?

It must not be meant for you so please get out the way now

I'm one of the best doin this, bout every day now.. hah..

[Chorus: repeat 2X]

I'm warnin ya, I'm tellin ya

A HeadBusta is up in ya area

Don't stand there better be bailin brah

Or hollow tip bullets gonna tear you up

I wonder how long it's gon' take 'fore niggaz realize I'm not a game

Look at me nigga, you think I'm playin?

Do it look like everything in my life goin correctly?

bi***, I'ma be bout it 'til the man come get me

I got a f***ed up conscience, and my thinkin ain't right

I got a brand new child but look I'ma slanger tonight

Nigga swellin up his chest, cause I'm bangin his wife

I'm at the bar drinkin Hennessy, he came with a knife

I got my man on the side of me, he scopin him right

He think it's over but he gonna get f***ed over tonight

If I got problem witcha I'ma address it, front and center

If we beef in January, won't be until December

I'm tryin to getcha outta here

Like your momma and your lawyer, stuck with four or five open charges

Dealin with you bi***es like you're one of my children

Whippin your ass because you left out the buildin

f*** with a G ain't gon' never stop

Somebody gotta go - you better have the better plot

Cause if not, little sh** could escalate to big sh**

One of your little man'sll be the one pay you a visit

Enticed by them neighbors, they gave him a picture

Twenty G's, some toolies, now he comin to getcha

Wodie my life is like a football field

He done crossed the line of scrimmage is the one I kill, and I feel

that the marker should be first and goal

And I got the ball of course, goin in to sco' - nigga

What's my motherf***in name? Wodie it don't matter

What's the sh** up in my hand? A piece of chrome manner

And I just had me a blunt, and a cup of that gin

Don't get scared now motherf***er you in trouble my friend

Get out the way now, hey..

Get out the way now, headbusters on the way now.. mm

Get out the way now, headbusters on the way now.. uhh

Get out the way now, the headbusters on the way now.. uhh

Get out the way now, the CMR is on the way now.. mm

Get out the way now, a Ju-ve-nile is on the way now




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