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K-ci & Jojo - How could you



verse 1

All I can do

Is sit alone

In my room

Thinking about you

How could it be

That you are not here with me

When I gave you the best of me

I face each day

Without a smile

And life seems so unfair

I feel like I wanna die

Cause you didn't even give me a last

You didn't even give me a last goodbye


I've waited weeks for your call

I've waited here by the phone

But when the silence grew long

I knew that something was wrong

Right then I knew it babe

How could you do it babe

How could you tear my poor heart in two

How could you do it babe

Do it, do it, do it babe

How could you do it babe

And tear my poor heart in two

verse 2

Ain't no more blue up in my sky

Only cloudy mornings

And these tears like rain you left behind

All of those memories

In the corner of my mind

I started looking at us

At a picture in a frame

As I start to cry

Cause I can't picture us apart

Oh my God can you help me

Can you help me with this pain

With this pain I'm feeling deep down inside



Girl tell me it's not true

Will I have to spend the rest of my life without you

How can I get through

How can I get through this pain of losing you

(repeat chorus twice)




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