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K-ci & Jojo - Now and forever



verse 1

They're always running around

Telling me I should be free

But there's no kind of way

I'd let them take your love from me

You see I'm not one who goes on

Speculation, heasay, gossip

But I'm a firm believer

In trusting, caring, and loving

My love for you is so timeless

It's deeper then the depth of emotion

And every day goes by, I am finding

The reasons that I love you more and more


Now and forever will I love you and be true

Now and forever will I keep what we have new

I will cherish, adore you

Trust and give my all to you

Now and forever will I always love you

verse 2

I'm not entrusted in starting all over again

To give you up on someone's words

It's not something I'd do

You see you can tell a tree

By the fruit that it bears

And from where I stand

I see my field is yielding

Wish we could sail away on the ocean

Float away on midnight dreams

And we don't need a magic potion

So we can live inside our dreams



You're everything I want in a lover

You're everything I need in a friend yes you are

You're the shoulder that I'm leaning and depending on

And I could never hurt you

You're everything to me




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