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Kansas - The wall



I'm woven in a fantasy

I can't believe the things I see

The path that I have chosen

Has led me to a wall

And with each passing day

I feel a little more

Like something dear was lost

It rises now before me

A dark and silent barrier between

All I am

And all that I would ever want to be

It's just a travesty


Marking off the boundaries my spirit

Would erase

To pass beyond is what I seek

I feel that I may be too weak

And those are few

Who've seen it through

To glimpse the other side

The promised land is waiting

Like a maiden

That is soon to be a bride

The moment is a masterpiece

The weight of indecision's in the air

It's standing there

The symbol and the sum of all that's me

It's just a travesty


Blocking all the light and blinding me

I want to see

Gold and diamonds cast a spell

It's not for me, I know it well

The treasures that I seek

Are waiting on the other side

There's more that I can measure

In the treasure of the love that I can find

And though it's always been with me

I must tear down the wall and let it be

All I am

And all that I was ever meant to be

In harmony

Shining true and smiling back

At all who wait to cross

There is no more




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