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Kelly Osbourne - Don't touch me



He picked me up around a quarter to nine,

I was a little shocked that he was right on time.

He was really well mannered as he opened my door,

He seemed like the man I was looking for.

He took me to a fancy restaurant,

And told me to order anything I want.

I went to the bathroom and called a couple of friends,

And said: 'Oh my god he's such a gentleman'

He want to have a good time,

Ass I was drinking his wine.

And then I started to feel really sleepy,

And he had this creepy look in his eyes.

[chorus 2x]

So don't touch me while I'm sleeping babe,

I just wake up and break your neck.

It won't be worth the costs you made,

Cause this will be the date you never forget.

I woke up in the morning about half past eight,

And I couldn't remember what happened to my date.

My stomach was boozy and it didn't feel right,

I couldn't recall a single thing from last night.

My best friend Suzie called me on the phone,

And said: 'Girl you really had it going on'.

If you could imagine the f***ing look on my face,

When I finally realized I was a victim of date rape.

I went straight to his work and shoved his face to the wall,

'I hope you had a good time mother f***er, now it's time to say goodbye to your balls'.

[chorus 2x]

The moral of the story, to make myself clear,

Is that all you rapist assholes better run with fear.

I would think twice before your next date,

Cause you'll just end up someone's bi*** in cellblock eight.

So don't touch me while I'm sleeping babe,

I just wake up and break your neck.

So don't touch me while I'm sleeping babe,

I just wake up and break your neck.




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