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Kingpin Skinny Pimp & 211 - Cockroaches



- 3x

Some of these niggaz be some cockroaches

Crosses from heart no good mon set them on fire

[Skinny Pimp]

Bitch I push weight state to state you can fake

Like you straight you can't hate anyway don't play

Trick shake like a snake don't come up in my face

I'll take ya to the Gimisum Dungeon real late

Where your ass ain't safe and somebody gotta go

Cause you bitches move slow and you fucking with me though

Whoa you can die like Kenny cuz Kenny ain't Skinny

And I ain't Tim dog Skinny Pimp got plenty

Fans pumping up nothing but pimps fuck them other niggaz

Tricks knowing they going hoes flaudging like some killas

Rookies it's on now it's on now

blam* Don't test the nuts boy I done let you down

Before you get lay me you said "yeah the cap is going"

Now eat the dick bitch cause all you hoes be chewing

We can strapped or we click click *blau blau blau blau*

In your talking ass mouth now how you like me now huh!!

- 4x

[Skinny Pimp]

Once upon a time in the East Memphis streets

I was at the crib watching screen TV

The radio was on just a little bit low

Until I heard some shit that made me turn it up some more

"Lookin For Tha Chewin" beat without my damn vocals

I'm selling in every state but dammit he calling me local

Now ain't that a bitch they cut my verse on every mix show

What's up with you and Boogaloo y'all some hoes

Tryna hold a negro down in this little bitty town

But I'ma stay around just to cook y'all clowns

Every time y'all hate on the radio

I'ma cook y'all on my album hoes

Over and over over again cause bitch I'ma sell

Watch out for my book called "Get It How You Live"

Y'all some baller blocking bitches in the Memphis city streets

Don't come up in my face saying shit to me, not shit nigga!!

- 6x

[Skinny Pimp]

Scary ass bitches when we hit we hit hard

Foolish hoes dodge from a million killas march

Dump on some chumps cause they can't fuck with me

I'll bang your ass nigga Skinny Pimp super busy

From the real peep my folks who got much respect

Living kind of prejudice so put him in check

I'm sending this out to my cuz Co-Co

My nigga got life they said he killed the po-po

So pass the dope and pack out my shows

Mug them bitches and throw some beer on them hoes

Fuck y'all connections and you groupie haters join it

The bitch whole clique need their asshole torn

I'm doing this for my niggaz who don't fuck with them suckers

And if you got some serious beef we'll do y'all busters

Talking about y'all niggaz started us all

But everybody know the business bitch so watch us ball..




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